My name is Valentin Brose.

I own and maintain more than 200 bonsai in my Bonsai garden, import trees from Japan, take part in exhibitions and write articles for various specialist magazines.
As a teacher I teach beginners and advanced at about 20 external and internal seminars / workshops a year in the art of bonsai design.

The history

It all started – quite conventionally in a nursery where I successfully completed my first three-year apprenticeship. Before, I was passionate about the millennia-old bonsai culture.
In 2008 I traveled to Japan and received my second profound education from bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi at the world-famous Shunkaen Bonsai Museum in Tokyo.
After three very intensive and sometimes hard years, I returned to Germany and from then on devoted myself to bonsai art. I gave bonsai seminars, commissioned valuable collections on behalf of clients, and carefully developed my own trees.
Since then I still do all this and with great pleasure. I have deepened my knowledge during the last years on many trips through Europe, Japan and China.

The bonsai garden

In 2016, I and my wife Tingting started building a bonsai garden near Stuttgart that is still growing today. Since 2019 we also invite to workshops on our own premises with studio rooms. We welcome all ambitious friends of rearing and cultivating bonsai trees. Thankfully, as my training with Master Kunio Kobayashi was very comprehensive, you will find a wide variety of uses, from conifers to deciduous trees and azaleas.
I have experience with import as well as native trees and deal with all sizes from Shohin to Daihin and Niwakis.

All bonsai have one thing in common: they are living creatures full of dignity and poetry.