Erst Gestaltung einer Pinus Sylvestris Für einen Kunden.
First design of a Pinus Sylvestris for a customer.
Unusual display with a grass Kusamono that has been cultivated in a pot for over twelve years. The current pot with an absolutely extraordinary glaze is from Carlos Takahama Hebeisen.
Ungewöhnliches Display mit einem Gras Kusamono das schon über zwölf Jahre in einer Schale kultiviert wurde. Die aktuelle Schale mit einer absolut außergewöhnlichen Glasur ist von Carlos Hebeisen Takahama.
Unusual display with a grass Kusamono that has been cultivated in a pot for over twelve years
One of my favorite azaleas. A Chinzan, a very old piece. With a shape like an old freestanding deciduous tree.Especially for a Chinzan is its beautiful little leaves that are always strong and shiny. Chinzan is a mutation of the old Satsuki robust varieties “Osakazuki”. The mutation, which was probably propagated via cuttings, was found in the 1920s.
Eine meiner Lieblings Azaleen. Eine Chinzan, ein sehr altes stück. Mit einer Form wie ein alter freistehender Laubbaum. Besonders für eine Chinzan ist auch ihr schönes kleines Laub das immer kräftig und glänzend da steht. Chinzan ist eine Mutation der alten Satsuki robusten Sorten “Osakazuki”. Die Mutation, welche wahrscheinlich über Stecklinge vermehrt wurde, fand man in den 1920 Jahren. 


This is one of the two trees I brought for my customers to the Trophy show in Belgium .
After 7 hours of driving finally arrived fortunately without frozen streets as it was previously said.
Many probably do not know that this Satsuki var. Kakuo is relatively rare in this size and quality. Also the more natural style of this tree makes it special. I have been working now more than 6 years constantly on this tree and im now happy that it was accepted for the show.
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